A Material Education

It’s a foregone conclusion: your home has a floor. How this flooring behaves in your house, however, is the question.

Environment, design, function, and cost all play a part in determining the ideal flooring for your home and lifestyle. At Arcadia Floors + Home, we pride ourselves in product knowledge. Why? Because the best floors are the ones that work for you: in the laundry room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen. Whether the goal is keeping your bare feet warm, or complementing a kitchen countertop, Arcadia Floors + Home consultants will help you determine the perfect, functional flooring for every room in your home. A fine match.


Pure + Simple

Arcadia Floors + Home knows that the right cabinets can add serenity to a home unlike any other upgrade or fixture. Well-designed cabinets will make your rooms feel bigger, more organized, and stylishly pulled-together.

Gain a new perspective in your kitchen with easily accessible open shelving—or, fit your mastersuite bath with chic furniture-grade vanities. Either way, our favorite stand-out, soft-close cabinet lines will delight your senses and add real value to your home. Pure and simple.

Your Signature Style

Make yourself comfortable. That’s not just an invitation, it’s good advice—especially when it comes to your home’s interior.

Arcadia Floors + Home invites you in our design center for a little inspiration—enchantment, even. House-wow yourself with some of our hand-curated pieces from Pacific Northwest artisans, accessories, and semi-custom furniture lines. With a focus on timeless design and sensible budgeting—plus an eclectic mix of hard and soft goods—we’ve created a unique collection of home décor that will transform your spaces into places you love. It’s your home, and you should be comfortable. 


From furniture to textiles to artwork, Arcadia Floors + Home has the corner on all the big and little things for your home.

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