Our Favorite Flooring Trends of 2018

It seems like each year brings more flooring options than the last. That means there’s no better time to be choosing floors for your home. It also means the process can feel a little overwhelming. 

We love helping Portland families select the perfect flooring materials for their homes. We’ve been keeping our eyes on flooring trends in 2018, and we chose our favorites based on:

  • Quality - Are the materials good enough? Will they last?
  • Longevity - Will the design still look good in 10 years, or is it just a passing trend?

Flooring trends in 2018 are all about simplicity and elegance, with a touch of environmental consciousness. Here are our top 3.


1. Classic Hardwood

There’s just something special about beautiful, high quality hardwood floors. Hardwood never seems to go out of style, but it’s had an especially strong surge this year.

The good news is, essentially any type of wood you choose will be on trend, because a wide variety of wood types are all incredibly popular. These include oak, hickory, maple, pine, and birch. 


At Arcadia we often suggest luxury vinyl as a great “wood-look” option that mimics the look of hardwood incredibly well. Plus, it’s very durable and more budget friendly.

Last year, we wrote about wide plank and gray flooring. In 2018 these trends are more popular than ever. Many homeowners are opting for wide plank flooring, meaning they’re choosing wider floorboards. Wide planks can actually make a room feel bigger. They will also lend a homey, old-fashioned feel, depending on the specific materials you choose.

2. Cool and Dark Floor Colors

Cool colors are in. Whether it’s hardwood, carpet, tile, or vinyl, people are choosing colors on the cooler end of the color spectrum. In other words, they favor colors with little or no red undertones. 


Dark cool colors are especially popular. The color gray is still firmly sticking around as well. Gray wood floors are tranquil, versatile, and sophisticated.

Just remember, when it comes to colors, there’s no better expert than your own judgement. Colors are one of the most noticeable aspects of any floor, so make sure to prioritize your color preferences before trends.

3. Eco-Friendly Flooring

It’s no surprise that environmentally friendly floors are more sought after than ever, especially in the Portland area where many homeowners are extremely environmentally conscious. 

Eco-friendly flooring options include natural, recyclable, or renewable materials like:

  • Reclaimed and sustainable wood
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Recycled tiles
  • Other recycled or renewable materials

Keep in mind that some environmentally friendly materials, like bamboo, must be prepared in very precise and specific ways, otherwise they aren’t durable and can show wear and damage very quickly. Whatever flooring material you choose, make sure you work with someone you trust.

Are You Thinking of Updating Your Floors?

Whether you choose to incorporate one of 2018’s most gorgeous styles, or you decide to go your own way, we’d love to help. Our design professionals have years of experience assisting families in the Portland area in finding the perfect materials to fit their style and home needs. 

Schedule a free in-home consultation today or stop by our design center in Tigard to get inspired.